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 Timer Rabbit's Simfiles

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Timer Rabbit
Timer Rabbit

Number of posts : 35
Age : 33
Registration date : 2008-03-16

Timer Rabbit's Simfiles Empty
PostSubject: Timer Rabbit's Simfiles   Timer Rabbit's Simfiles EmptySun 16 Mar à 10:09

Yea. First time here. But 2nd post in this.

Timer Rabbit's Simfiles Timer%20Rabbit's%20Simfiles

I make simfiles... But either they are good or you think they are horrible. Either way I make them for fun. (And for the songs I like, but NO ONE has made one yet.)

My simfiles are located at:

- Zenius-I-Vanisher.com
- BemaniStyle.com
- and FlashFlashRevolution.com (link to my profile)

And it's ovious that I put two out of three links on my signature. (If it's visbile, that is.)

I basicly focus on making Pop'n Music tracks that I like... And sometimes IIDX or any other song that I tend to like.

So... Not much... But enjoy and leave a comment if you like.

P.S. Due that I have some fans... In the future i'll make a megapack of the simfiles I LIKE. And of course i'll be picky on by stepcharts and/or songs. (Otome Rumba songs is a BIG ACCEPTION. XD)
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Timer Rabbit
Timer Rabbit

Number of posts : 35
Age : 33
Registration date : 2008-03-16

Timer Rabbit's Simfiles Empty
PostSubject: FINALLY! A (.rar) Zipped Pack!   Timer Rabbit's Simfiles EmptyMon 15 Sep à 4:31

Copy pasta from the MGD3 forums...

Quote :
Okay. Decided to FINALLY round up all of my simfiles that I have done so far! (KimaEri did help make the .zip for me, but I told him that there are some songs that I do not want to be included in the pack...)

1. Party 4U (Holy Nite Mix) - Cranky
2. Roller Coaster Ride - SleeplessDragn
3. [FULL] The Terror of Death - DJ Sharpnel
4. Prince on a Star - Yuka Hino
5. April 6 - Solar☆Core
6. Wish - Kouichi Ooura
7. Always - Shoichiro Hirata feat. RayZY
8. Carousell Paradise - SleeplessDragn
9. Castles in the Sky - DJ Satomi (graphics and info has text error. :V)
10. [FULL] Otome Rumba (Hanya Hanya Remix) - RuRuRu SYSTEM
11. Otome Rumba - RuRuRu SYSTEM
12. Color of Giggles - SleeplessDragn
13. [FULL] Dam Dadi Doo - Nightcore
14. [w/Video] Snow Kiss - Nirigilis
16. I Could Outrun You, Hurry Up! - Ichiro Yoshida
18. [FULL] Ding Dang Dong - R2 DM
19. Loveholic - Sana
20. Eurodancer (Arabia Mix) - DJ Mangoo
21. [FULL] Fairy Reflection - Ryu☆
22. [w/Video] Get Wild - NMR
23. Greenhorn - Lexy
24. Handome Character that Pass - May
25. [FULL] Hardcore Frontiers - Helblinde
26. LA LA LA LA YO-DEL! - DJ Simon
27. Horetaze HARAJUKU - Alpha & Schadarapar
28. A Dreaming Girl - dimitoricTiger from seoul
29. Late Rise - good-cool (Lazy to change graphics...)
30. MY - Yoshi-Kun to Aramaki Yoshi-San
31. Michi (I know theres more to the title) - pastel white
32. 凛として咲く花の如く - 紅色リトマス
33. Over the Night - good-cool
34. Rubu Rubu Giugi V - Anettai Maji-SKA Bukudan feat. MAKI
35. SigSig (Miyu Miyu Mix) - Est. feat. Miyu
36. SingSing (Feel Sorrow Mix) - Kors K remix by Clavia
37. [FULL] Sound of my Dream - DJ Satomi
38. New Century Generation - Magic Project
39. [w/Video] Requiem to Summer's Angel - SleeplessDragn and Klare
40. Tibs Types with a British Accent - SleeplessDragn
41. Everyday Lovely (L.E.D. Style Mix) - Togo-chef feat. Sana
42. [FULL] Waves - DJ Satomi (I hate the BPM my annalyzer gave me.... So please use a faster speed mod.)
43. FU-FA - Sana+MIKI-CHANG+Shoichiro

As said. About a few are NOT included in the pack... (Because they are outdated and I HATE the steps.) Which that includes two sweet DJ Sharpnel songs. ;_;

You can download it now. Very Happy (Which include the two simfile artists banners.

DOWNLOAD, NAO! =D : http://files.filefront.com/Timer+Rabbits+Simfile+Packrar/;11794345;/fileinfo.html

Again, as the title said: Some songs may be good... Some may suck for your pad. (They are never tested in pad... Except for the "FFR" songs *shot* and Snow Kiss. (My friend told that it's a good pad file! WTF!) Some full-tracks (and Snow Kiss) are made to be for keyboard.... Because I am a looser that way. :V

P.S. You can't run away from the Kyun Kyun. >:3
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Timer Rabbit's Simfiles
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