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 Lavi's SMs

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PostSubject: Lavi's SMs   Lavi's SMs EmptySun 22 Apr à 3:16

I've recently started playing around with making my own charts. Here are two I'm pretty happy with. Sorry they are only on flashflashrevolution. Maybe if I find I want to make a lot I'll get my own webspace.


Here are some comments about them:
Each are just under 2 minutes long. I tried to make them similiar to itg steps, but with my own style. I didn't really like that Tonight's medium was only level 4, but I was happy with the chart otherwise. Movin' On has a lot of crossovers so if you don't like those you probably won't like the hard/expert charts. I don't know if there is a special name for this type of crossover I used, but there are situations where you are intended to have your body facing away from the screen, but not have to turn your view away from the screen. for example: right foot on left panel & left foot on down/ right foot on up & left foot on right/ right foot on left & left foot on up/ left foot on right & right foot on down.

Anyway, I really am a big fan of the Dancing WipEout series, and that is what made me want to try to make some charts too. I'd really appreciate any feedback. Thanks. <3
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Lavi's SMs
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