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 [Release] Dancing WipEout 2

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[Release] Dancing WipEout 2 Empty
PostSubject: [Release] Dancing WipEout 2   [Release] Dancing WipEout 2 EmptyFri 5 May à 19:25

[Release] Dancing WipEout 2 Dancing%20WipEout%20II

First of all, thank you ! Thank you very much for all people who support my works since the beginning and give me constructive critics about my simfiles !
After the success of DANCING WIPEOUT, I'm happy to show you the 2nd mix, better and better than the first Wink
96 DWI only for your pleasure, and some nonstops/oni for advanced players Wink

You need Bittorent (or other program who support .torrent) to download the pack (320 MO).
When download is complete, just launch the .smzip, and play !

A direct download is available too, on Rapidshare (4 parts / 90 MO / .rar format)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
I hope you will like this mix !

You can find the songlist with some details, and the nonstops/onis here : Official Web Site DW2

Download Bittorent
Download .torrent

Thank again to Bemani communities : DDR:UK, DDRManiax, Bemanistyle, Bahamut Forever, DDRExtreme.co.uk, M-Games, R.E.Z., Music Games Addict, BemaniEurope, Baka Team & Initial Team, Stepmania Devellopers Team, and people like Super_Ray, Jayvemon, Killer_Roach, Slainer, Crying Psyco, Ghost, and many many many more people Smile

To contact me, one way, one mail : wipeout3@club-internet.fr

Ram - Low
dj TAKA remixed by Ryu* - Abyss (The Heavens Remix)
Konami - Jansu! Jansu! Jansu!
TAKA respect for J.S.B. - NO.13
L.E.D. Light-G - Hell Scaper
L.E.D. Light-G - Hell Scaper (Slashing Mix)
L.E.D. - Ixion
dj TAKA feat. Erika Mochizuki - Moon
dj Nagureo - 5.8.8.
ric - Rislim
ric - Rislim -remix-
NAOKI feat. Paula Terry - Dive ~Into Your Heart~
good-cool - Spooky
Kobo project with Masa - Entrance
TaQ - Era (Step Mix)

Beatmania IIDX 12th Style : HAPPY SKY
kors k - SigSig
good-cool - First Resolution
dj REMO-CON - PollinosiS
dj Murasame - Scripted Connection [a]
Tatsh - Xepher

Beatmania IIDX 13th Style : DistorteD
dj Yoshitaka - Bloody Tears (IIDX Version)

Me & My - Dub-I-Dub (KCP Remix)
E-Rotic - Help Me Dr.Dick (Dancemania Mix)
Jenny Rom - Pippi Girl (Speedooo)
Radiorama - ABCD (Hi-Energy Speed Mix)
Bus Stop - Let The Music Play
Euphoria - No Way Out
Smile.DK - Boys (Pess JV Mix)
Missing Heart - Moonlight Shadow (KCP Remix)
Helen - Toxic
Helen - Toxic (The Trance-Speedo Mix)
E-Rotic - Ooh Lalala
Wildside - One Of Us
Judy Crystal - Through The Fire
Basic Instinct vs Delete - Shake It Up (Boyzaii Radio Remix)
Silvertear - So Deep (Original Mix)
dj Stompy - Star Tonight
Ultimate Heights - Total Recall

Hinoi TEAM - Ike Ike
Namie Amuro - Try Me (B4 Za Beat Mix)
Scream Team - Ice Cream (U Scream)
Virginelle - Brother & Sister
Franz Tornado - One Night With Bazooka Belly Dancers
Baby Bazooka - Parapara Kiddy
Jeff Driller - Chica Loca
Les Blue Bells - Telephone
Key-A-Kiss - Watashi No Kare Wa Seikyou (Y&Co Euro Oil Mix)
Lolita - Higher & Higher
Bazooka Girl - Money Funny Dollars
Oda - Sex Crime
Mad Cow & The Royal Eurobeat Orchestra - Bazookistan
Mark Foster - Like A Fire
Lolita - Macho Man
Ivan B. - Laser Light (Eurobeat Version)
Tension - Get Down On It

Anime / Video Games
Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Rewrite (4th Opening)
Round Table feat. Nino - Let Me Be With You
The F-Ups - Lazy Generation
Ron Klaren remixed by Wip'E"Out - Battle Squadron (Juno Reaktor Remix)
Mondo Grosso - Shake Ya Body
Itsuki Takeuchi - Night Fever
Tommy February6 - Lonely In Gorgeous
Freezepop - Super-SprØde
Komputer Kontroller - Robot Rockerz

Pinnochio - T'es Pas Cap Pinnochio
dj Sharpnel - Speed Disco Vol.1
DM Ashura - Z
dj Potatoe - Don't Make Me Wait
Wip'E"Out - Fantranstic
Onoken - P8107
Ilona Mitrecey - Allo Allo
Tsukasa - Mermaid (Delaction Remix)
Groove Coverage - Holy Virgin
DR Hope feat. Stefy - Bitch Is A Bitch
Banzai - Exotica
Madonna - Hung Up
Loki vs NAOKI190 - Hysteria 2004

Pump It Up
Novatronic - SLAM
S'Max - One Love

Dancing WipEout Revival
RevenG & De-Sire vs Vospi - Tsugaru 180
2MB - Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) [From Nonstop Megamix]
Tri Star - Ike Ike
Euphoria - Hardcore Overdoze
Ilona Mitrecey - Un Monde Parfait
Ilona Mitrecey - Un Monde Parfait (72 Fast & Furious Remix)

Extra Stage
dj Technorch - Fujiyama Panic

Extra Songs
Leila - Tic Toc
dj Jaxx - Winter Wonderland
Franz "V.I.P." Tornado & Bazooka "T.V.C." Girl - Super Euro Flash
Nancy & The Boys feat. SAMMI - Men In Black
E-Rotic - Rave Me Dave
dj TAKA - Absolute (Furious Speed Edit)
Y&Co. - Poodle
dj Miko - Sky High (dj Kaya Mix)
Alyssa - Superstar (dj Satomi Happy Trance)

Eurobeat Dancer
In The Wipe
Dancin' Speed
From IIDX12
Dancemania Oni
Super Eurobeat
From Dancing WipEout
From Bahamut Forever Community Pack
Eye Of Chaos
Easy 1 - Easy 2 - Normal 1 - Normal 2 - Hard 1 - Hard 2
The Gates Of Hell
The Gates Of Hell -Nightmare Road-
Have You Drunk ?
In The Wipe -Boss Edition-
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[Release] Dancing WipEout 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Release] Dancing WipEout 2   [Release] Dancing WipEout 2 EmptyTue 5 Sep à 3:56

sounds like a must Very Happy i'll dl it by tomorrow

what are the hardest songs in the load, and wich difficulty are they?
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[Release] Dancing WipEout 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Release] Dancing WipEout 2   [Release] Dancing WipEout 2 EmptyTue 5 Sep à 10:38

Eveything what you want to know: Dancing WipEout 2 Website
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[Release] Dancing WipEout 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Release] Dancing WipEout 2   [Release] Dancing WipEout 2 Empty

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[Release] Dancing WipEout 2
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