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 ::CMG (UTOPIA)'s SM File Packs::

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::CMG (UTOPIA)'s SM File Packs:: Empty
PostSubject: ::CMG (UTOPIA)'s SM File Packs::   ::CMG (UTOPIA)'s SM File Packs:: EmptySat 9 Dec à 6:06

I have completed 4 packs so far and I am currently in the progress of making a fifth one. Check out the packs I have out so far. To download a song pack, open the link in a new window/tab.

* means that these songs are my Remixed Songs/MERGES (or Mash-ups as some people would call them). I can't find a place to advertise my remixes/MERGES in this forum so just check out my myspace webpage. The link is www.myspace.com/cmgutopia ::Also the same place where you can download the NONSTOP/ONI courses for my first 3 packs::

SM File Pack 1 (CMG's Firsts)
Song List:
1. Blue Fever - DJ Kambel vs MC Magika
2. Columns (Blue Square OC Remix) - Rayza
3. *Ebeneezer Goode (Raging Streets Mix) - Shamen feat. Yuzo Koshiro
4. I Need You On The Floor (Repetitive Edit) - Scooter
5. Messij - Cold Comfort
6. *PARANOiA Disconnected - 180 vs Inspector K
7. *PARANOiA DisKConnEcTed (Clean Mobius Mix) - 2MB vs Inspector K
8. PARANOiA Rebirth (From Nonstop Megamix) - 190'
9. The Sound Of Goodbye - Perpetuos Dreamer
10. Who - KaW

SM File Pack 2 (CMG's The Second Coming)
Song List:
1. (Take Me To) The Next Level - Runecraft
2. Anubis (Black Land Mix) - DM Ashura
3. Beatnik On The Ship (Frankie Da Man Remix) - Yuzo Koshiro
4. Brilliant2U (From Nonstop Megamix) - Naoki
5. *Celebrate Nite (Around The World Arrangement) - N.M.R feat. ATC
6. *Dynamite Rave (Energized) - Naoki vs ZiGZaG
7. Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Wildside
8. Here I Go Again - E-Type
9. KlungKung 2004 - DM Ashura
10. KlungKung 5561 - X240
11. Land Of Confusion - Genesis
12. Noma Numa Yei (Rome vs USA Mix) - Ozone
13. *PARANOiA Disconnected Max (Hyper Dirty Mix) - 190 vs Inspector K
14. *PARANOiA Earth (Bounce Connected Slo-Mo Mix) - TaQ feat. L.E.D. Light ::Video Included::
15. *Vanity Sorrow (The Angel's Rain) - Fixx vs NM feat. Ebony Fay

SM File Pack 3 (CMG's The Third Chapter)
Song List:
1. 2 Becomes 1 - Wildside
2. Always Smiling (From Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka) - Konami
3. AM-3P (From Nonstop Megamix) - KTz
4. *Be Lovin (Slo-Mo Saint Style) - The Saint with D-Crew
5. Beat It (Guitar Mix) - Killer Shadows
6. Diving (Hiver And Hammer's Different Gear Remix) - 4 Strings
7. Don't Say Goodbye - Paulina Rubio
8. Frozen Fire - Inspector K
9. Hysteria (From Nonstop Megamix) - Naoki 190
10. Master Hand - Nintendo
11. Meteor Herd (Space Trip Steps) - Sonic Team
12. PARANOiA Evolution (From Nonstop Megamix) - 200
13. *Polovtsian Dances And Chorus (The Kagami Sound) - KaW vs Naoto Suzuki feat. Martha ::Video Included::
14. Pyron (From Darkstalkers) - Capcom
15. Sonic Boom - Sonic Team ::Video Included::
16. Sunset Park Zone (Act 3)(A New Ray Of Light OC Remix)(Speedy Edit) - Sadorf And S|R NutS
17. Trip Machine (Luv Mix)(From Nonstop Megamix) - 2MB
18. Turn Me On - CJ Crew feat. Wayte D'Arby And Sami
19. Upside Down (Y And Co Mix) - Coo Coo
20. Where's The Exit? (From Super Mario Bros.) - Konami And Nintendo

CMG's The Fourth Semester (Click Here To Download)
Song List:
1. All Your Base Are Belong To Us - Diffusion vs Mr. Dog ::BG Animation & Video Included::
2. Cammy (From Hyper Street Fighter 2) - Capcom
3. Canonized (Renaissance Mix) - Dr. 1010 feat. perKeceT
4. Dam Dadi Do - Nightcore
5. Data Jack - PopCap
6. Fascination MaxX (Cally & Juicy's MaxXimum Overload Mix) - 100-200-400
7. *Gamelan De Symbolic - TaQ & Tomosuke::Video Included::
8. In Your Life - La Bouche ::Video Included::
9. *Incognito Vision (Angelic Healing Mix) - Inspector K feat. 2MB
10. Little Too Late - JoJo
11. Logical (Repetitive Edit) - Scooter
12. Move Your Body - Xpansions
13. Noma Numa Yei (DJ Ross 4 The Club Remix) - Haiducii
14. *Oil 1 (Drop Out Mix) - Moby feat. NW260
15. *PARANOiA Disconnected (Eternal Hazard Mix) - STM 200 vs Inspector K with DM Ashura
16. *PARANOiA Evolution (Millennium Mix) - 100 + 200
17. Q - Capcom
18. Rungo (From Battle Arena Toshinden 2) - Tamsoft
19. Set You Free (Eurodance Remix) - N-Trance
20. Sky - Dance Dance Revolution
21. Somebody's Watching Me - Beatfreakz
22. Symbolic (Cryptex Mix) - TaQ Remixed By DM Ashura
23. The Eel Deal, Sewer Or Later, Hangin' Out (From Crash Bandicoot 2) - Naughty Dog
24. Yellow Devil (From Rockman 2 The Power Fighters) - Capcom
25. Zip (From Bomberman Hero) - Hudson
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::CMG (UTOPIA)'s SM File Packs:: Empty
PostSubject: Re: ::CMG (UTOPIA)'s SM File Packs::   ::CMG (UTOPIA)'s SM File Packs:: EmptyMon 1 Oct à 11:48

I hate to say this, but File Front isn't doing it's job for you. Those links you provided lead to the homepage. Can ya fix it?
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::CMG (UTOPIA)'s SM File Packs::
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