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 [Work in Progress] The J-Files Area 3: ARROW ESCAPE

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DHB - Der Jäger

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PostSubject: [Work in Progress] The J-Files Area 3: ARROW ESCAPE   Sat 23 Feb ā 23:54

You thought it was all over? Oooooh no, definitely not! Mr. J is here again for another pack!

As of right now, 8 songs already released for the 3rd pack of the (long? maybe...) series of stepfiles made in Jäger. I won't update much in here (it's w1p3out's stepfile forum after all, so it embarrasses me to advert myself in such a place), I'll just leave you people clicking around if you want.

Current songlist:


pop'n music:
Battle XIII

Tank! (Cowboy Bebop)

Other Games:
To Shinju Forest (Mushi-hime-sama Stage 1)

Access URLs:

Notice: the main index page ( http://jfiles.free.fr ) will automatically redirect to the current pack in progress. For those who want to try themselves on my completed packs:

http://jfiles.free.fr/index1.htm (first pack, 50 songs)
http://jfiles.free.fr/index2.htm (second pack, 100 songs ^_^)

Any comments? I'm open. In the mean time, happy stepping everyone!
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[Work in Progress] The J-Files Area 3: ARROW ESCAPE
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