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 Professor Raine's Simfiles

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Professor Raine

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PostSubject: Professor Raine's Simfiles   Mon 1 Oct 10:21

here I will display the sims I have made over the course of owning SM. ^_^ I hope they're good for everyone.

Professor Raine's Originals:

Stage 12: Mystic Mansion (from Sonic Heroes):

Difficulties: -/-/-/12/-/-
Style: Keyboard

Notes: This sim has the first GFX I've ever made, which aren't that good. ^_^; The sim is okay, just watch out after the second measure. Nomal speed isn't wise here.

Volcanic Magma (from Super Monkey Ball 2):

Difficulties: -/-/-/10/-/-
Style: ITG

Notes: A tad repetitive, but it's one of the few ones that were good when I was making sims from this game. Unique GFX for this one, from me. There's a hand somewhere in the part with the holds, so watch out.

Professor Raine's Remakes:


Difficulties: -/-/-/13/-/-
Style: Keyboard

Notes: This is my best work hands down. It's pretty hard, but no hands for the labtop users. GFX were by BrownKirby of FFR. It really follows the msic, so be caeful and pay attention.
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Professor Raine's Simfiles
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