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 Play a new style of your favorite tunes!

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PostSubject: Play a new style of your favorite tunes!   Sun 27 May 23:16

So far, I'm just using the DDR-official banners for these same-named courses. They combine the "Random Caprice" approach along with altering the steps and speeds of existing stages, allowing you to play a course of songs that have this "whole new" feel to them.


This course plays songs at a faster speed, and is designed to be used PRIMARILY with STANDARD steps. The insert modifiers are picked specifically to give the earlier stages a "new stepchart" kind of feel to them (though I wish "BIG" knew how/when to use a "right" arrow!), that fits with speedy action. The 1.5x stage is really just a matter of keeping up with the song (I've considered changing that to HEAVY, but consider the effect of THAT on a typical 10-footer!), and the 2.0x/LITTLE stage is thrown in afterwards for a little fun and to balance out the typical length of the course.


#SONG:*:Medium:1.2xmusic,wide,showcourse;   #SONG:*:Medium:1.2xmusic,skippy,showcourse;   #SONG:*:Medium:1.2xmusic,big,showcourse;   #SONG:*:Medium:1.5xmusic,mirror,showcourse;   #SONG:*:Medium:2.0xmusic,little,showcourse;


This course, contrarily, plays at LOW speed, and is made to be used with HEAVY stepcharts. It also combines inserts (designed for more dense charts) with directional modifiers to give the first three songs an alternative feel as well; while the final stage is more of a sightreading challenge... the kind one would naturally associate with a slow-playing song, no less. You *might* think slowing down a song may make it easier, but the additional factors make it more formidable than you'd expect!


#SONG:*:hard:0.9xmusic,skippy,showcourse;   #SONG:*:hard:0.9xmusic,big,left,showcourse;   #SONG:*:hard:0.9xmusic,quick,shuffle,showcourse;

And now, for something NOBODY bothers with! @.@ Yes, there's MORE!

Here's an alternative coding for default/Character.ini to give a different set of modifiers to your default "Magic Dance" mode. Like RMX of LOVE, it is designed for use with STANDARD charts, and includes insert-mods... so for anybody that thinks those are unfair, be warned. This also mixes up the speeds to actually be formidable attacks, rather than a "helpful 1.5x boost!". Finally, the third type of attacks is visual, L1 being common "Drunk"... but L2 condenses the arrows to half the screen's height, where L3 puts players on the VERY PAINFUL "Alternate" setting!





-You know... *THAT* thing!-

Level2Attack3=2x,20% reverse

I have played this mode on several songs' STD charts, and the stepcounts usually end up on par with actual HVY ones! And again, while the mods ARE insert mods, they're all half-beat ones, and some like BIG and ECHO can actually HELP you hold your pattern/timing during ALTERNATE, as well. Wink

But believe me. You do NOT want to play 10-footers like this! Very Happy
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Play a new style of your favorite tunes!
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