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 MC_XD Galaxy Mix

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PostSubject: MC_XD Galaxy Mix   Tue 27 Feb 3:08

Quote :
When I first played SM I enjoyed making custom files, they sucked a lot (didn't everyone's???) but I still enjoyed it. Since stepmix I have gotten a pad and come to realise what it takes to make better charts. So now I ask that you see how much/little/whatever I have improved.

About a Month in the making, 5 songs, R21 Ready and ITG style, to test your skills all over again. I present

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://files.filefront.com/MC_XD_Pluto_Mixrar/;6811207;;/fileinfo.html

I must admit, i'm no Wip3out or Brother Mojo or Ike Pie but I hope that sometime I will be up with them. So I will say this: Play through the files, weather it be pad or keyboard, all the diffs or just expert, and give me any thoughts. Tell me what I did right and what I did wrong etc

Enough chit chat. It's time to get started.

BPM: 130
Diffs: 1-3-5-7-10

BPM: 168
Diffs: 1-4-5-8-10

BPM: 150
Diffs: 1-3-6-8-11

BPM: 059-118
Diffs: 1-3-6-8*-10

BPM: 90-180
Diffs: 1-4-5-7-9

* = I might change this

I might make some double charts too!
Also if you like this I can tell you the most likely line up for the next pack (Neptune) will be:
- Blue Noah by DJ Sharpnel
- Disabled the FLAW by D-Crew
- Chromium by Khuskan
- Burnin' Love by Zero-Bass
- North by Wall5

But that is a while away yet so until then :v happy dancing

p.s Do you think next time I should make the banners in the topic smaller >.> <.<

p.p.s The Graphics are mostly by Tayousei. A link to him can be found in the readme

Quoted from stepmania forums. Also it was inspired by Dancing WipEout so yay for Kevin Very Happy You are awesome
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MC_XD Galaxy Mix
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